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rimble’s Connected Survey Site model takes all the critical elements of a complete surveying solution—products, techniques, services and relationships—and combines them into something bigger than the individual components: a fully integrated and interoperable surveying solution. This is done by offering surveyors not only leading-edge products but also a broad range of options in surveying techniques, communications channels and services, such as GPS infrastructure. The combination of these options creates a Connected Survey Site that is as individual to each surveyor as it is to each project site. A solution that builds on Trimble’s long-standing commitment to creating survey products that not only lead within their specific disciplines, but also work in perfect concert with other critical components of a survey project.

The Connected Survey Site model is not a new survey workflow. Instead, it is the total solution surveyors receive when they use almost any Trimble survey technology, product or service. The goal of the new approach is to improve a survey business’ effectiveness in today’s competitive market—and thus its bottom line.

Accessing this advanced solution is simple. By using even one Trimble solution, surveyors will begin to appreciate the Connected Survey Site model, such as the combined benefits of streamlined data handling and reduced learning curves. But the advantages of the Connected Survey Site synergy grow exponentially as more elements are added. Since nearly all Trimble products easily connect into this system, surveyors can add synergy incrementally. There is no need to replace legacy equipment to appreciate big gains in productivity.

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Highly productive, advanced servo and robotic total stations. The Trimble 5600 Total Station series gives you access to the best, most-productive measuring methods available—ideal for a wide range of applications. The 5600 total station with its innovative Servo, Autolock®, and Robotic technology, plus three Direct Reflex EDM options, allows you and your survey crews to survey more productively than ever before.

Trimble S6 — A Servo, Autolock, or Robotic Total Station with MagDrive™ Technology. The Trimble® S6 DR (direct reflex) Total Station offers advanced MagDrive technology for breathtaking speed. It takes the work out of conventional servo or robotic surveying. For your unsurpassed efficiency, the Trimble S6 is a 100% cable-free robotic total station and rover. Numerous new features and the latest technologies will catapult your productivity and profitability forward.

The Trimble® R6 GPS System is a multi-channel, multi-frequency GPS receiver, antenna, and data-link radio combined in one compact unit. An R-Track technology option provides GLONASS augmentation to the Trimble R6 GPS solution. Use the Trimble R6 for RTK or static surveying, or in a Trimble VRS™ infrastructure network. The Trimble R6 is ideal for multiple surveying applications, including topographic, cadastral, and stakeout.

The Trimble® 5800 Limited GPS system is an RTK system combining proven Trimble GPS technology and system design with easy-to-use software and an ultra-rugged Pocket PC controller. The 5800 Limited combines a dual-frequency GPS receiver, antenna, UHF radio, and battery in a single compact unit. Available as a base or RTK rover, the 5800 Limited is ideal for stakeout, control, topographic, roading, and cadastral surveying on small to medium-sized job sites.

The Trimble® R8 GNSS System is a multi-channel, multi-frequency GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver, antenna, and data-link radio in one compact unit. It contains Trimble R-Track technology to support all GPS signals, including the new L2C signal and the coming L5 signal of GPS Modernization. The Trimble R8 combines advanced receiver technology and a proven system design to provide maximum accuracy and productivity.

The Trimble® GX™ 3D Scanner is an advanced surveying instrument that uses high-speed laser and video to capture vast amounts of coordinate and image data. Portable, versatile, usable and robust, the Trimble GX is the scanner that thinks like a surveyor. If you combine the Trimble GX and the powerful data editing software package RealWorks Survey, you will benefit from the most efficient solution available on the market for 3D scanning applications.

The TSC2® Controller is an advanced handheld field computer. Increase your surveying and business potential with: * Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 operating system: Run standard and specialized Windows Mobile programs plus your choice of powerful Trimble field software, * Expandable hardware: Adding removable memory and third-party media extends data logging capabilities, and * Industry-leading communication technologies: Bluetooth®, wireless LAN (802.11b) and an internal 2.4 GHz radio option. Cable-free convenience and wireless connectivity anywhere.

Nikon’s world-renowned optics give you brighter, clearer images. You’ll see the difference when you look through a Nikon Instrument. Nikon’s legendary optics effectively let in more light. The result is brighter, sharper images, even in the low-visibility conditions typical in the field. You’ll see much more detail and much less distortion, especially over longer distances Better optics help you aim more precisely, and they’re much easier on your eyes—something you’ll really appreciate on long workdays. Battery life is superior, and lightweight, all-weather construction ensures reliable performance in tough field conditions

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